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Taxpayer Packet

Property Owners Should Soon Start Receiving Appraisal Notices for the 2019 Tax Year

If your property value increased in the last year, you will soon receive an appraisal notice from the San Jacinto County Appraisal District. The appraisal district will mail out notices starting in April.

Under Texas law, county appraisal districts are required to notify property owners about changes in their property’s value. The notice contains important information about the property’s location, ownership and property tax exemptions that have been applied to the property. It must also include an estimate of 2019 taxes by local taxing units.  Due to excessive amounts of returned mail, beginning this year the San Jacinto County Appraisal District will be able to provide appraisal notice online.  If you did not receive an appraisal you may check our website after April 15, 2019.  To access your notice, click the property search icon on the top right side of the web page.  From there, enter the search criteria necessary to locate your property.  You will then need to select your property, then click on the tab marked “notices”.  Please be aware that if you have structures that were previously omitted from the tax roll you may receive notices for multiple tax years.  However, only appraisal notices for the 2019 tax year will be available online.

Property owners who disagree with the appraised value of their property, the exemptions or any other action by the appraisal district have the right to appeal to the San Jacinto County Appraisal Review Board (ARB). The ARB is an independent panel of citizens responsible for hearing and settling property owner protests. The notice of appraised value includes instructions on how and when to

file a protest, a protest form and the Comptroller’s Property Taxpayer Remedies. The deadline for filing a protest with the ARB is 30 days after the appraisal district mailed your notice of appraised value.  Or, if you do not receive a notice of appraised value and would like to protest it must be filed by May 15, 2019.

The Comptroller’s publication, Property Taxpayer Remedies, explains in detail how to protest your property appraisal, what issues the ARB can consider and what to expect during a protest hearing. The publication also discusses the options of taking your case to court, the State Office of Administrative Hearings or binding arbitration if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your ARB hearing.

Property Taxpayer Remedies is available from the San Jacinto County Appraisal District at

99 Slade Street in Coldspring, TX.  The publication is also available on the Comptroller’s Property Tax Assistance Division’s website at

San Jacinto County Appraisal District Reminds Businesses to Render their Taxable Property by April 15

If you own tangible personal property that is used to produce an income, you must file a rendition with the San Jacinto County Appraisal District by April 15th.

A rendition is a report that lists all the taxable property you owned or controlled on January 1st of this year for your business.  Property includes inventory and equipment used by a business.  Owners do not have to render exempt property, such as church property or an agriculture producer’s equipment used for farming.

“The appraisal district may use the information submitted in the rendition to assess your property values,” says Chief Appraiser Sherri Schell.

PENALTIES: The chief appraiser must impose a penalty on a person who fails to timely file a required rendition statement or property report in an amount equal to 10 percent of the total amount of taxes imposed on the property for that year by taxing units participating in the appraisal district. The chief appraiser must impose an additional penalty on the person equal to 50 percent of the total amount of taxes imposed on the property for the tax year of the statement or report by the taxing units participating in the appraisal district if it is finally determined by a court that: (1) the person filed a false statement or report with the intent to commit fraud or to evade the tax; or (2) the person alters, destroys or conceals any record, document or thing, or presents to the chief appraiser any altered or fraudulent record, document or thing, or otherwise engages in fraudulent conduct, for the purpose of affecting the course or outcome of an inspection, investigation, determination or other proceeding before the appraisal district.

Property owners who need more time to file their renditions may file a written request with the Chief Appraiser on or before April 15th to receive an automatic extension to May 15th.  The Chief Appraiser may also grant an additional 15 days after the postponed deadline with good cause, if necessary.

For more information about rendering property, deadline extensions, penalties and rendition forms, taxpayers may contact the San Jacinto County Appraisal District located at 99 Slade Street Coldspring, Texas 77331, by phone at 936-653-1450 or on our website:  Information is also available from the Comptroller’s Property Tax Assistance Division’s website at

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At this site you will find a great deal of information about property located in the SJCAD. We have attempted to make it as user-friendly as possible. However, if you know a few things about a property for which you are seeking information, you can expedite the search process. Account number is always the best tool to use when searching a file. You can find your account number on a tax statement you may have received from one of the entities taxing your property or on any Notice of Appraised Value that you may have received from our agency. If you do not have the account number, knowing the owner’s name or correct address will usually suffice in locating a property.

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